Time For You: A Recipe For Starting A Simple Meditation Practice​

Time For You: A Recipe For Starting A Simple Meditation Practice

The women I work with often find taking time for themselves one of the most challenging things to justify when they feel like they already have a full plate.

Maybe you have full care of a loved one. Perhaps you’re keeping up with an active household. (Maybe both.) Maybe you’re single with full-time work commitments. Or you may simply have a lot on your mind.

I’ve been there throughout various periods of my life,  and I think it is something that happens from time to time even with the best intentions.

What brings me back into balance is taking a few simple moments of solitude, in a space I create for myself. I use the gentle practice of meditation to bring my body, mind and soul back into sync. Because it doesn’t take long, I can make this a habit rather easily…and I’m on my way to feeling more grounded, calm and fulfilled.

I’ve created this “meditation recipe” for you, as a guide for you to try the simple practice and see how it impacts you. I’d love to hear! I’ll send it to you in a printable or downloadable PDF when you enter your details below.

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